• World Renewable Energy Network (WREN)

    World Renewable Energy Network (WREN)

    World Renewable Energy Congress/Network is a major non-profit organization registered in the United Kingdom with charitable status and affiliated to UNESCO, the Deputy Director General of which is its honorary President. It has a Governing Council, an Executive Committee and a Director General. It maintains links with many United Nations, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

  • The Union of Architects of Romania (UAR)

    The Union of Architects of Romania (UAR)

    The Union of Architectsof Romania (UAR) is an apolitical, independent professional association ofcreators, having legal personality, an association of private law and non-for-profit,whose members are carrying on an activity of public utility for an indefiniteterm, having its own budget and assets.

  • Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania (ATSR)

    Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania (ATSR)

    The Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania represents a scientific and nationwide forum, where the personalities from engineering domain, are promoting research and development, innovation and invention of technical creations and a high level of engineering education.

  • Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUiM)

    Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUiM)

    "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest is the oldest and most important academic institution in this field in Romania. It continues a long tradition of local architectural higher education, the foundation of which is closely linked with the rise of modern Romania and the setting of its new institutional structure and culture, during the second half of the 19th century.

The Opportunity

Sustainable life is no longer a dream.

The organizers, scientists and professionals, are joining their efforts to offer you, as participant, a new perspective on living conditions in big cities and, moreover, how to built a friendly environment for all.

The Event

The Symposium aims to join scientists, practitioners, and business representatives able to share their knowledge and initiatives so far, with their European peers. The three days event benefit from the participation of worldwide recognized speakers that offer a series of outstanding presentations.

The Venue

The event will take place at the


18-20 Academiei street, 010014, Bucharest, Romania.

EVENT's details

Outstanding speakers already confirmed their participation. Interesting topics are under consideration in order to meet participants' expectations, therefore your comments and suggestions are more than welcomed.


Latest anouncements

We are committed to offer you an outstanding learning experience.

The 2 days event will bring experimented foreign & national professionals together with a diverse public at the same space. Invited speakers will deliver interesting presentations in the field of today's sustainable architecture.

The knowledge transfer will stimulate interesting debates during the special interaction sessions. Moreover, the participants will experience a significant knowledge enhancement and idea boosting.

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